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Learn How To Enjoy Life During and After Treatment

Fitness, nutrition, self-care. Those are all parts of a well-rounded approach to breast cancer treatment and recovery. 

Twenty-four years ago, I was a 26-year-old mom of two small kids trying to make sense of life with a breast cancer diagnosis. Now I’ve lived through it, and I’ve learned to enjoy life on the other side. 

This blog is my way to give back, full of tips, tricks, advice and education to help you live a healthy and enjoyable life every step of the way, despite your diagnosis. 

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About Colleen

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

24-Year Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Colleen Carlson and I am a proud breast cancer survivor.  In 1995, at the young age of 26, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had no history, genetic testing was in its infancy, and girls my age weren’t supposed to get breast cancer.  I obviously did not get that memo.

Within that first year I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and I lost all my hair. I was diagnosed with a stage 3 tumor and it was aggressive.  I was scared to death but I didn’t give up. I had two babies who needed a mom and I would take all the time I could get…a little or a lot.

There are no guarantees with life but with a breast cancer diagnosis you are forced to examine the fact that life has a limit. So we accept that fact and do our best to enjoy whatever time we have, but it’s not easy.   There may be no guarantees but I’m sure not going to help it along.

So, I have been living my whole life trying to prevent breast cancer from coming back.  I knew that I did not want to go down the road of disease again, so I began to research things I could do to stay healthy and live longer. Consult Colleen is Breast Cancer Essentials for Healthy Living.  It is my collection of education, resources, fitness and nutrition information to help anyone affected by breast cancer.

While I know a healthy lifestyle cannot guarantee I will never face a disease again, it certainly improves my chances. I have learned how to transition to a healthier lifestyle, on my terms, and I want to share what I have learned with you.

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Life with breast cancer (or post-breast-cancer) isn’t easy. That’s why I’m a huge proponent of self care. It can’t fix everything, but it makes life much more enjoyable during the process. Download my FREE Self Care Checklist here

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