From thoughtful gifts to practical post-mastectomy gear, Colleen’s breast cancer store has her recommendations for the best items every breast cancer patient (and survivor!) needs. 

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Breast Cancer Gifts

These are some thoughtful gifts for breast cancer patients that are sure to bring some hope to those fighting. My personal favorite is the warrior pashmina…its feminine, useful and inspiring!

Breast Cancer Jewelry

Show your support for breast cancer patients and survivors with some sparkle!


Breast Cancer Shirts

Looking for a shirt to show your support for breast cancer fighters? Or perhaps to show you’re battling it yourself? Here are some of my favorites. 

Breast Cancer Head Coverings

There are plenty of options for breast cancer head coverings, from turbans to wigs to baseball hats. I personally wore caps the entire time, so I’m partial to the Hope hat below. 


These are some things I had or wish I had had post-mastectomy. Especially the jacket: The drains are so much easier to handle with pockets and it’s comfortable post surgery.



Breast Cancer Books

Sometimes you just need to sit and read, and these are three books I highly recommend. I was given the Dr. Susan Love’s book after I was diagnosed, so it’ll always be close to my heart. 

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