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A good massage is everything, especially as a breast cancer patient or survivor. While there are definitely people who aren’t into a day at the spa, if you know a woman who would enjoy a relaxing hour — or day — of self care, consider getting her a Spafinder gift certificate

At Spafinder.com, you can purchase a gift certificate and have it emailed or mailed to the recipient. It can be redeemed at participating spas all over the country, which you can search for on the website. 

Do be warned that not ALL spas on Spafinder.com will accept gift cards. To make sure they do, look for these icons: 

It’s very easy to find a participating spa near you. Simply type in the service you’re looking for and your zip code, and Spafinder does the work. I found 6 participating spas within 10 miles of me, and plenty more if I was willing to drive a bit further. 

What’s great about the card is that it’s multi-use, meaning that your recipient can use it at any participating spa. Not only does it offer them flexibility, if they don’t the full value of the card on their first trip, they can use the rest during their next visit — or at a totally different spa! That means they could get their nails done one place and a massage at another according to their preferences. 

Before making your purchase, just do a quick search here to make sure there’s a spa or two within a reasonable driving distance. One you’ve checked to make sure they take the cards, simply purchase online and decide if you’d like to have it emailed at a later date, or mailed. 

This is a perfect way to spoil someone you love (even yourself…)! Buy it here

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