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I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents — for me it’s largely about being grateful that I get to celebrate another year with my family, when there was a time I feared I wouldn’t be there for the next holiday.

But if you have a breast cancer fighter or survivor on your list (or you are one yourself), she (you) deserves a gift this holiday season. With everything she’s going through day in and day out, a little treat can mean the world.

So, as a 24-year-breast cancer survivor myself, I decided to poke around and pick out some things I know I’d love to receive.

I have a whole Breast Cancer Store on my site (click here to see it) that you can check out, but here are some more specific curated posts that will help you find the perfect gift!

** Also consider getting her the gift of NOT needing to meal plan. Through December 6 you can use the code A10BLACKFRICYBERMON10N to get $10 off your first and second boxes of Dinnerly (give it as a gift). You could also get her a subscription to Martha & Marley Spoon and get $20 off your first, second, third and FOURTH boxes with the code A20BLACKFRICYBERMON20N. **


First up is an article with my top picks from Etsy. These are all beautiful handmade items that you’ll feel good purchasing (since you’re supporting a small business!)


While this is definitely more personal, a bra that supports her new body and makes her feel sexy is so important. I compiled a list of my favorites from Ana Ono here.


I really love shopping at the Breast Cancer Site because I know that a portion of every sale goes to fund mammograms for women in need. As someone who fought this fight, I know how important early intervention is!

Right now you get FREE SHIPPING with purchases over $60 (use the code SHIPITNOW at checkout) AND they’re also doing some pre-black-friday deals which you can see here.


If you know or are a mom with breast cancer, these books might make great gifts for the kids. They help explain what’s happening in an accessible way that I wish I had had when I was undergoing treatment with two little ones.


If you want to treat her but not give her something “breast-cancer-specific,” you should definitely take a peek at my ongoing “Self Care” list that’s filled with everything from zen gardens to scalp massagers that can be purchased on Amazon.


I can’t say it’s the case for all breast cancer patients and survivors, but I know my diagnosis brought on a ton of anxiety. A weighted blanket is a great way to calm her nerves and help her sleep more peacefully. Honestly, I think ANYONE could benefit from a blanket liket this!

So tell me, which list did you like the best? 

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