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Are you looking for the best weighted blankets for breast cancer patients (and survivors)?

Breast cancer is scary. There, I said it. I suffered with a lot of anxiety during my treatment, most of which was completely understandable. I was in a fight for my life — what’s NOT to be anxious about?

Weighted blankets have become a popular solution to anxiety in recent years, and one study found that 63% of participants reported lower anxiety after use. While they may not erase anxiety altogether, weighted blankets give breast cancer patients a non-medicinal way to cope during treatment.

And for breast cancer survivors? Those anxieties don’t magically disappear when the cancer does — we know what cancer is like, and we know it can come back. Having a weighted blanket in your corner is an excellent tool to help calm you on the rough days.

While you can buy weighted blankets just about anywhere, I really love Mosaic Weighted Blankets because they’re ethically manufactured in the USA, and have been recommended by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and other reputable sites.

Plus the sheer selection and customization available is amazing! To help you, I picked out some of my favorites to get you started:

Best Budget Weighted Blanket

If you’re looking for a cheap weighted blanket, why not select a grab bag weighted blanket? You can choose who it’s for (girl, boy, man, woman) size (throw or twin) and the weight, but the color is a surprise. It’s a great way to save money if you aren’t particular about the style!

Buy it here. B

Best Weighted Blanket for Your Bed (Blanket with Duvet)

If you want to go all out, this is how to do it. Not only do you get the weighted blanket, you get a duvet cover to put the blanket in. Because you can order this one in Full, Queen, or King, the blanket will cover your entire bed and look great at the same time. You can buy additional duvet covers separately, to pair your bed covering with the seasons.

Buy the blanket and duvet combo here.

Best Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter

There’s nothing quite like cotton, and this weighted comforter is 100% organic cotton. It’s breathable and light, meaning you won’t overheat under it’s weight. While I’ve featured the crisp and clean white one here, they sell the same comforter in a number of colors and prints.

Buy the weighted comforter here.

Best Travel Weighted Blanket

Do you travel a lot for work? Taking a standard weighted blanket with you is almost impossible (especially as airlines keep limiting our carry-on limits). But this travel weighted blanket will keep you warm on those freezing airplanes, and calm during the chaos of travel. It comes with sturdy straps so you can attach it to your luggage — or carry it on your back.

Buy it here.

Best Small Weighted Blanket

I don’t really know if you can call this weighted shoulder wrap a blanket, but it’s a nice alternative to a larger throw. It can soothe aching shoulders and you can either put it in the dryer or freezer for hot/cool treatments. It comes in a number of solid colors, including this beautiful magenta.

Buy it here.

Best Weighted Sleep Mask

Hate the sunshine waking you up too early? This weighted sleep mask is a great addition to a standard weighted blanket. It’s plush and luxurious, and can help insomniacs get the rest they need.

Buy it here.

Best Weighted Blanket Gift

Mosaic weighted blankets are highly customizable, which means if you’re a friend or family member looking to give a great gift to a breast cancer patient you know and love, you might not know what to order. A gift card for a weighted blanket is a perfect solution.

Order one here.

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