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So you’re a breast cancer survivor: Maybe, like me, you’ve been in remission for decades. Or perhaps you just got the good news recently.

Since my first cancer-free day, I’ve been concerned about nutrition. Even though I know I can’t ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle will keep me from cancer, I know it can’t hurt. But let’s be honest: Eating well isn’t easy!

That’s why I’ve enjoyed trying out both Noom and Weight Watchers as ways to keep my nutrition on track recently. Both of these are nutrition apps that help you keep track of what you’re eating and evaluate the nutritional benefits of it. Studies have shown that keeping a food diary (which is essentially what you do with these apps) helps one double their weight loss!

Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight (perhaps you just want to increase the nutritional value of what you’re eating), both Noom and Weight Watchers are great options for healthy lifestyle creation.

Both encourage increasing fruits and vegetables, watching portion sizes, and increasing your activity level and both have flexible plans that help you create lifestyle changes that last. Breast Cancer Survivors can benefit from all those things.

When it comes down to “Which one should I get?” it’s honestly a matter of preference.  Do you want more education around the hows and whys (I recommend Noom) or do you want a little more structure in the process with information you can get if you decide you want it (WW). I’ve done both, and find them equally as beneficial depending on what you personally want out of a diet and exercise program.

You can read my full reviews for each program below. In those articles I discuss how the programs work in detail, share pros and cons for each one, and get real about pricing.

Is Noom Worth It?

WEIGHT WATCHERS Freestyle: Freedom to Start Living Healthy

Already know which one you’re leaning toward? Click here to sign up for Noom, and here to get started with Weight Watchers!

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