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Portion Control Dressing Lid

You want to eat healthy and you start by making a beautiful salad for lunch. You look at your bottle of salad dressing and try to decide how much a serving is.

Let’s be honest, if you make a healthy salad and then drown it in dressing, you are kind of missing the point of healthy eating. On the other hand, figuring out a serving size of salad dressing, especially at work or at a salad bar, is no easy task… or is it?

I have found the BEST gadget for just this problem. It is called a portion control dressing lid and I love it. It fits easily on most store bought dressing bottles and it doles out one serving at a time. You squeeze the bottle, fill the cap, take the lid off and pour. You get two tablespoons every time. No more lettuce swimming in dressing at the bottom of the bowl. Easy, accurate and dishwasher safe! I’m sold!

Get yours here!

Basting Brush

A pastry or basting brush was something I felt I couldn’t live without, until I got one.  I use it for basting at Thanksgiving and for egg washes on pies, but it does so much more!

Barbecue Sauces, marinades on the grill, mustard sauces on breads, or for spreading melted butter, just to name a few.

I love the silicone brush because it holds the liquids a bit better to cut down on dripping.  The silicone version is also dishwasher safe, so it doesn’t clump like ones with regular bristles and it’s heat resistant. 

Buy it here!  

Onion Saver

I cut up an entire onion once and put it in a plastic container. When I was finished using the onion, I threw the container in the dishwasher and that was that. About a week later, I was eating oatmeal, out of a plastic container, and it tasted like onion oatmeal. YUCK. I had to throw the whole thing away, bowl and all. I can’t stand when food odors overtake another food. Plus, I can’t find the onion without the smell because all my plastic wear matches (of course).

Then I found this nifty thing. It contains the odor of the onion, keeps it fresh, and I can find it in the refrigerator, no problem! I only use it for onion, so there is never an issue of the plastic keeping the odor after it is washed. You can also use it as a way to serve sliced onion when you cook outdoors. I love this thing!

You can buy it singularly or you can purchase a set. I love the lemon saver too! It’s so easy to find and it stays fresh even if it is already cut up. It has a twist lock so it won’t leak. No more sticky hands from trying to grab cut up lemons out of a plastic baggie! Dishwasher safe!

Buy it here!

Hamburger Meat Chopper

Chopping ground beef in a skillet is one of my least favorite tasks. It is a lot of work, time consuming and it never seems to get as ground up as I like.

When I want taco’s I don’t want big chunks of beef. The same goes when I am adding ground beef to sauce. Then I found this gadget for $3.97. It grounds up the beef perfectly for tacos! It won’t scratch your pan and I just leave it right in the center of the pan until I am done because it is heat resistant. I don’t have to stand over the skillet mashing up beef.

Amazing! You can get these ones on Amazon here.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. I have multiple sizes and shapes. I use different ones for veggies, meats and herbs so that I don’t cross contaminate, and I replace them often. I like bamboo because it is less porous and not as friendly to bacteria, compared to regular wood. You can get these ones on Amazon here!


Tongs. Yes, tongs. I get giddy when I think of how much I love mine. They are silicone tipped and heat resistant. Dishwasher safe but the best thing about them? They lock shut for easy storage. Yes, no trying to figure out how to store them and fighting with them in a utensil drawer or canister.

I use tongs for spaghetti, turning chicken, grabbing baked potatoes and anything else I can flip whole. Great for salad, especially when you are one handed. Grill friendly. So easy to clean and like an extension of your hand. Can’t live without mine. Promise you’ll love them! Get theme here.

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