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Here at Consult Colleen, I’m all about making healthy eating simple and easy. Life is hard enough without making clean eating a complicated process. That’s why I’m kind of shocked it took me so long to get on the Instant Pot bandwagon!

I’d heard about them, but I figured it was just a fancy version of a Crock-Pot. The one I own works perfectly well, so why learn a new trick? But boy was I wrong!

An Instant Pot can do everything a Crock-Pot can do, but it does it faster (and does way more too, like saute onions and “bake” brownies!). And while faster doesn’t always mean better, it does mean easier!

I truly believe that if we can make healthy choices into easy choices, we’ll keep eating well. The problem is getting home from work at 6 p.m. and finding you never left the chicken out to defrost.

“Welp, I guess I’ll order Chinese food…”

And that’s why you need an Instant Pot!

You Need An Instant Pot If You’re…

Here are 9 kinds of people who I think could really benefit from this life-changing appliance:

  1. Poor Planners: If you’re someone who can’t meal-plan to save her life and is constantly asking yourself, “What’s for dinner?” then you need an Instant Pot (and probably a chest freezer, but that’s for another day). Decide what you’re eating when you get home, and the Instant Pot will make it possible.
  2. Over-Planners: On the other hand, if you love to meal-prep, the Instant Pot can help you get all your ingredients (meat, beans, rice, etc.) ready for the week in one day so that all you’ll have to do is plug-and-play after work.
  3. Meat-lovers: As I mentioned, the Instant Pot can cook frozen meat, but it also does a great job at keeping it juicy and tender. If you often find yourself eating dry pork, you need an Instant Pot!
  4. Buyers-in-Bulk: One way to save money on meat is to purchase it in larger quantities. Those “family packs” of chicken breasts or ground beef come in at a lower price-per-pound, and you can toss 6 lbs. of meat into your Instant Pot, cook it, and then freeze the output for quick and easy meal-creation any day of the week.
  5. Stew-Lovers: Summer is upon on, so most of us aren’t in “stew mode,” but if you spend the winter months standing over a pot of boiling veggies and broth, get an Instant Pot. It can create an amazingly-delicious beef stew in an hour!
  6. Rice-Fans: Do you consume a lot of rice? Or eat it even once a week? The Instant Pot doubles as a rice-maker.
  7. Those Without a Grill: During the summer months, turning on the oven indoors is never fun. Many people light up the grill, but if you live in an apartment or simply don’t own a grill, the Instant Pot can deliver a hot meal without heating up your whole home.
  8. Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Turn on the Oven: While I don’t think my Instant Pot will ever replace my oven for baking breads or cakes, you CAN “bake” in your Instant Pot. Again, this is a handy feature when the temperatures are rising outside.
  9. Legume-Enthusiasts: Maybe you don’t eat a lot of meat or you like to use beans to make meat go further — the Instant Pot will be your new best friend in terms of cooking beans quickly and effectively, and you won’t need to purchase the canned kind!

In other words, there are very few people who won’t benefit from the Instant Pot! And because they’re constantly going on sale on Amazon, you can get a pretty great deal on one of the basic models that does just about everything you could want.

That said, I want to be honest: The Instant Pot isn’t great for everything, and because of the time it takes to get it up to pressure (usually 10-20 minutes) and release pressure (another 10-20 minutes, unless the recipe calls for a quick release), the Instant Pot is not always faster than traditional cooking methods. While I was happy with how quickly I ended up with fall-off-the-bone pulled pork, it wasn’t worth it to use the Instant Pot to boil mashed potatoes.

Also keep in mind that the Instant Pot is a bit “techy.” There are lots of settings and features, and it’s not quite intuitive. That said, after watching a couple YouTube videos, I felt pretty confident using it. I’d just stick to specific “Instant Pot Recipes” that you find online for a while before venturing out on your own or mixing things up.

So what do you think? Do you own an Instant Pot? If not, are you going to get one? Buy it here!

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