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If you’re someone who loves eating organic, whole food, then maybe you’ve heard of Thrive Market: An online grocery store that specializes in selling organic pantry, home and beauty products and delivering it all right to your door.

At Consult Colleen, I’m all about making healthy work for my busy schedule, and when I found out there’s a way to get high-quality food delivered to my house, I had to try it out and report back to you.

In a nutshell, I’m SOLD on Thrive Market, but if you want to know why, here’s my spiel.

(If you’ve already heard about Thrive Market and want to sign up now, click here! You’ll get 25% off your first order, up to $20 off, just for typing in your email address).

First of all, I was so happy with Thrive that I decided to become an affiliate — that means (full disclosure) that if you click on a link in this article or other places on my website and buy something, Thrive gives me a commission. This doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps me keep this site up and running. And I’ll never recommend a product or service I don’t personally LOVE.

Thrive Market

Why I Love Thrive Market

I didn’t have to leave the house: While the company’s claim to fame is that you’ll spend 25-50% less shopping with them than from the grocery store, I wasn’t as concerned about saving money as saving the effort of going out. I ordered a whole box of organic goodies from the comfort of my couch, in my pjs!

They carry my favorite brands: Instead of going to multiple local grocery stores to find my favorite products, I just logged onto Thrive. Everything I wanted was in stock and I didn’t have to drive around town to find it. Unless you live very close to a specialty organic market, chances are you’ve experience this same hassle.

I let out a big “Woohoo!” when I found my favorite avocado oil for sale. Up until last week one of the stores I frequent didn’t carry it at all. Plus, the oil was $1 cheaper from Thrive for the spray and a whole $3 dollars less expensive for the oil, same size jar. That makes me super happy because I use it for everything…more than olive oil!

The prices were less than or equal to grocery store prices: I live in Massachusetts near a few grocery stores (but not a Trader Joes or Whole Foods) and found that the prices for the items I typically buy were equal to or slightly less than what I’d pay locally. So if I break even (even adding in the additional cost of membership), I’m perfectly happy to choose Thrive and avoid the grocery store run-around.

The packaging was awesome: I was extremely impressed by the box and packaging: Everything was neat, nothing was broken, and my spaghetti sauce was even slipped into its own bag so if it broke it wouldn’t ruin the other contents of the box — smart!

Shipping is free for orders over $49: Seriously in the day and age of Amazon Prime, seeing any shipping and handling fees is incredibly discouraging. While yes, Thrive will charge for orders under $49, Thrive sells primarily pantry goods with long shelf-lives, so it’s super easy to toss in another avocado oil that I know I’ll use later down the road instead of paying shipping fees.

Free 30 day trial: Commitment is hard, and the fact that you have to pay for your Thrive membership a year in advance is a bit off-putting, so I appreciate that they give you 30 days to test it out before committing for the year. That said, the membership costs $59.95, or less than $5 per month. For me, the convenience of not needing to take a trip to the grocery store makes that $5/month fee totally worth it.

Your membership helps families in need: If you’re looking for a way to give back, Thrive offers a free membership to a needy family with every membership you or I purchase. So you can feel good about buying your family quality food, and know your helping someone less fortunate do the same.

What I Don’t Love about Thrive

Their pricing claims are deceiving: I’m not sure how they determine that their foods cost 25-50% less than the grocery store. While it may be true in some regions or if you compare prices to certain chains, I found that the prices were equitable: some things cost a little more, some a little less. Depending on what you buy, you’ll see a difference in savings. That said, I am using Thrive for the convenience rather than the cost so this doesn’t bother me a whole lot.

No month-to-month membership plan: Most subscriptions have a discount for an annual plan, but still offer a slightly-pricier monthly option. I wish Thrive would follow suit instead of only offering a one-size-fits-all annual plan.

No produce or dairy: Perishable items like produce aren’t available from Thrive, meaning I still will need to go to the grocery store in order to get my fruits and veggies (which make up a large portion of my diet). That said, Thrive sells far more than avocado oil and cereal: you can get beauty products, vitamins, diapers and even wine! They even sell meat sampler boxes which contain organic meats (I ordered one and was quite happy), so that’s one perishable item you’ll be able to add to your Thrive order.

What I Ordered and What I Paid

Here’s a look at the receipt they emailed me so you can see exactly which items I ordered.

As you can see, I easily hit the $49 free shipping threshold, and took advantage of the 25% off my first order (limit of $20 off) deal they have going on right now.

(Sign up here to get the same deal!)

Not only did I order some favorites, I also enjoyed trying some new things:

  • The “That’s it” bars only have two ingredients: just fruit!  I don’t care for the cherries and apple but my husband loved them. I ordered a second box of blueberries and apples and I am living on them.  
  • The organic raw cashews are soooo good.  Firm and fresh tasting with no added salt — just cashews. Sometimes when you buy nuts they can be soft or oily, but not these. Keep an eye on the blog for my recipe for cashew chicken!
  • It sounds silly but I love my applesauce.  I take one to work and I usually have it right before I leave to go home because it doesn’t spoil my appetite but I also do not get home and eat everything in sight.  It is just apples and it was so good. Fresh tasting and not watery: Not thick apple water which is what you can get if you aren’t careful. And at $2.69 for four single-serve cups, it was both convenient and a bargain.
  • The beef box. These meat sampler boxes come with a mix of frozen cuts depending on the box you choose. I ordered a beef box, which came frozen and so cold I had to use a glove to put it in my freezer!  The order came with organic grass fed beef: Two packages of ground beef lean, two packages of stewing beef, skirt steak (2x6oz per pack) top sirloin (2 x 9 oz per pack) and it cost $104.99 which is really good for what I got, in my opinion.  

Get Your First Thrive Order Today!

All I can say is, don’t wait. I was exceptionally happy with the products and the ease of ordering, and I think Thrive is going to make my 2019 that much better.

Super fun extra: If you order right now and spend at least $29, you’ll get a free gift (which you get to pick from a list of here).

Thrive Market

Honestly, it’s pretty risk-free to get started! Order $49 of food and you can try out Thrive for 30 days to see if you like it, plus you’ll get up to $20 off your purchase, free shipping, and a gift. Does it get better? (Just make sure to put a reminder in your phone to cancel your subscription if you aren’t satisfied, because Thrive will auto-charge you for the annual membership).

Get the deals here!

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Why I'm Totally Obsessed with Thrive Market for Organic Shopping

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