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I am no gardener, nor do I play one on TV. I dislike dirt, bugs scare me and it’s, well, work. I do like the results with pretty flowers and super fresh vegetables, so I decided I would try to garden a bit myself. Push beyond my comfort zone and try new things. It definitely fits into a healthy lifestyle. I can start a garden with flowers that smell nice and look pretty or a vegetable garden that has healthy food for me that I grew myself! I bet it will even be relaxing once I get the hang of it!

Off I go to the store on a sunny afternoon this past weekend, with high hopes of my new gardening hobby being a success. I found pretty pink gardening gloves, they save me from the dirt and protect me from the bugs. Excellent! What’s this? Oh, a garden kneeler. Yes! It IS very uncomfortable to be in the garden without some kind of sponge-like substance between you and the ground. This is really going quite well for me. I found a garden shovel that matches my gloves and I already have a sun hat so I am prepared for the work. Gardens already have dirt, right? I am checking that off my list as we speak…

Now, I need to find seeds and some things to grow in my garden. Rows and rows of seeds. Do I want to grow flowers? Fruit? Vegetables? I hadn’t thought about that. I wonder which one takes that least amount of digging? The packages of seeds don’t seem to say. They do mention amounts of sun. I wasn’t really sure where I was going to put my garden, and now I am even less sure. I think the buying of dirt may be back on the table. Well, perhaps I will grow vegetables and put them in clean dirt that I buy. Clean dirt wouldn’t have bugs or be, well, as dirty. Maybe I can put it in a pot and keep it off the ground all together? How nice would that be? Clean dirt AND I don’t have to kneel on the ground. I am loving this gardening thing more and more.

After finding out that bags of dirt are heavy my plan began to unravel. There is only so far I am willing to go beyond my comfort zone. Hauling big bags of dirt, albeit “clean dirt” is where I draw the line.

I ended up putting everything back and I bought two herb plants that I can keep in my kitchen window…and I love them. I am still trying to master washing the basil and cutting it up for my food without having it stick to my hands, but I can work that out. It’s nothing a few paper towels after washing can’t fix. (Note to self-dry herbs prior to cutting). I have my “garden” and I have fresh herbs and I’m keeping them alive all by myself. It’s a beginning. It is a healthy lifestyle change that I can be consistent with.

The moral of the story is that there, again,…is more than one way to skin a cat. (Can someone please send me an alternative to that saying???) Happy Gardening!!!