12 Handmade Items You Need for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October!)

As a 24-year breast cancer survivor, I live the reality of breast cancer every day (especially since I run this blog). But that doesn’t stop me from getting on the bandwagon every October and making a big deal about breast cancer for everyone else that might forget about it.

October is on its way and I want to show my support for the fighters, my excitement for the survivors, and my love to those who are now gone. Wearing and carrying “pink ribbon” goods is just one way to remind people around me that breast cancer is still real, it’s still taking lives, and we still don’t have a cure.

I happen to love buying this stuff from Etsy, because so many of the sellers of breast-cancer-themed items are women whose lives have been forever impacted by cancer. So here are 12 handmade items to show your breast cancer support this October!

Rosie the Riveter Breast Cancer T-Shirt

Rosie is the poster girl of “girl power” and there’s no one better to represent breast cancer fighters. You can get this shirt in a number of colors and also pick the tatoo wording and colors.

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Pink Ribbon Pins

Pin it to your jacket, your purse, your satchel — or poke it into your bulletin board at work. These are simple and fantastic way to show support and you can hand them out to all your friends.

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Pink Ribbon Baseball Cap

I loved my baseball cap for covering my head during chemo, but you can wear this hat into remission. The seller has a number of color choices for the main hat, and the word “Hope” is embroidered on the back.

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Hope, Believe, Fight T-Shirt

This is a beautiful and incredibly soft t-shirt to show your support for breast cancer patients and survivors. You can either get it in black and hot pink, or the pictured grey and soft pink. I think I might need both!

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Pink Ribbon Paracord Bracelet

Not only is this paracord bracelet something different than most pink-ribbon items, 25% of all proceeds goes back to charity. They also have one that’s white with the pink ribbon.

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Pink Ribbon Scrunchie

Tie your hair back or leave it on your wrist, this pink ribbon hair tie is an easy way to show support. Plus it’s 100% cotton and machine-washable.

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Pink Baseball Cap with Pink Ribbon Embroidery

This pink-on-pink baseball hat deserves a spot in your closet (and on your head, of course). I really love the metal clasp in the back — it dresses up an otherwise-casual accessory.

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Which one do you want? Didn’t see anything you wanted? Check out my Breast Cancer Store for more great items!

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